15.10.2012, Words by Aimee Cliff

Summer 2012 festival photo round-up

In amidst the head-rush that is the summer festival season, Aoise Tutty visually documented her colourful and characterful experiences at Secret Garden Party, Dimensions and the Notting Hill Carnival respectively for Dummy. Read her take on the festivals here, and see her astonishing, glimmering photos in our gallery below.

Secret Garden Party was a magical wonderland. It had it all: colour, wonder, adventure, creativity by the rubber boot full and a glorious mixture of people, each of whom were a joy to pass the mischievous hours with. Despite my mild anxiety at the capacity having been exceeded yet again, I would have no hesitation in recommending a dose of this to anyone even mildly in need of a break from reality, and a chance to rediscover their inner child.

Dimensions was all about the music, and of course the good weather. Blazing Croatian sunshine pounded down during the days, making us feel incredibly lucky that we were not part of the Outlook crowd the week before who had been drenched pretty much from beginning to end. Yes, it did feel a little worn, maybe not so artistically refined as Secret Garden Party or hearty as Notting Hill, but damn, the music was good. Notting Hill Carnival was a festival of a totally different nature; my camera and I have not felt so indulged in characters and picture perfect frames in a very long time. The feeling of community, positivity and shared enjoyment taken from Notting Hill being turned on its head was unanimous. I’ll be back next year in a heartbeat.

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