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The 10 Best Kapsize Label Tracks, according to Joker

Over the last decade Kapsize has put out some of Joker’s most defining work so to celebrate 10 years of the label being in business Joker is releasing a series of three 12″ records on limited edition coloured vinyl – ‘Anamorphic / Forever’ out now on blue vinyl, ‘Marching Orders / Polka Dot’ which ships May 23rd on green vinyl and ‘Boat / Deploy’ due out June 8th on orange vinyl. If you aren’t lucky enough to secure these limited edition releases in their colourful physical form then, worry not, all three releases are also out digitally and available to stream.

Here Joker marks the label’s birthday by picking the 10 best Kapsize tracks.

Joker –  Anamorphic

“Yo I’ve had this since 2015! I remember the 1st time I played it out was in Belgium at a festival named No Name festival and I remember dropping it thinking “hmmm I like this 1 u know” but it sounded NOTHING how it does now, its gone thru alot of changes.”

Joker – Mad Night

“This tune for me was me re-learning mixing down music again. I had the idea for a while and loved it but I knew for it to be what I wanted it to be I had to get the mix down right! My friends run a night called Who Cares, they was doing one at The Bank in Bristol and I was asked “do I wanna play?”.  I was like “yezzzzzzzzir” but I remember this specific night feeling a lot more house orientated and people was having a great time and I was thinking “hmmm if I come on dropping some mad night it could ruin the vibes or go off”.  Fam it went offfffffff!! and the mix down was giving the system a work out hahahah.”

Joker & Ginz – Purple City

“This was made so fast if I remember correctly, the vibe was flowing mad, brandy was getting poured, drum pattern played down. My (Roland) SH201 on deck. Ginz had some mad synth called a CAT I think. Literally laid down the b line and synth lines quick.”

 Joker – Tron

“Another SH201 riddim and another song that was made fast. I remember testing it out at Native in Bristol I believe and remember Clipz (Redlight) saying ‘yes bruv this one’s hard’. Reminded him of Ashanti ‘Only You’ if I remember correctly.”

Joker & Rustie – Tempered

“By this time I’ve known Rustie a few years and know he just has bangers up his sleeve. We collabed on ‘Play Doe’ and I wanted ‘Play Doe’ on Kapsize but we needed a flip and this was it. Some sick trap crunk grime mad ting. “

Asa & Sorrow – Island Wave

“This is what I called fruit pastel or skittles grime. Super colourful makes u feel good.”

Asa & Sorrow – Knights of Ren

“Straight up gully nice washy percussions and some watery baseline. Vocal version with Trim is cold as well (up to speed).”

040 – Let It Be Known

“040 a Kapsize x Buttzer release, this release was pretty much made over the internet. Me and Swindle been talking about doing some more of this real soon.”

Joker ft. Newham Generals  – I Think You Should Know

“Marinatinggggggggg! Newham Generals. I ain’t really gotta say much more. They marked this riddim!”

Joker –  Psychedelic Runway

“This one’s an emotional one. Another SH201 riddim. This is just a result of me exploring the SH201.”

Buy/pre-order all three releases: https://joker.bandcamp.com/

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