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12.04.2018, Words by dummymag

The Coco guide to grime

Though grime was born in London, there are plenty of spitters outside of the metropole with something to say. Birmingham is the genre's second city, while talents are somewhat dissipated throughout the nation, but there is something bubbling in the northern hub of Sheffield, and Coco is the living personification.

Full of fire and with a split-second flow, the MC has been steadily creating his own lane thanks to his high-octane sound, originality and authenticity in a moving and shaking grime scene. His new EP NO REHEARSAL, out on May 25th, is a five-track offering principally self-produced and released via fellow Sheffield king Toddla T’s imprint STEEZE, showcasing the MC’s talent as a heavyweight producer alongside that as a respected artist. Grime runs through Coco's DNA and, in the latest edition of our genre guide series, he drove us through the famous streets of the sound, picking out a number of classics defining a generation.

“I've chosen these tracks as most of them were my first experiences of grime music," Coco tells Dummy. "They really played a pivotal part in my teenage years, they cemented in my head what grime means and represents.”

Expect anthems from Wiley, Dizzee, Kano and more. Listen below.

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