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You'll like Dutch Uncles' new band merch because you can eat it

Dutch Uncles released a fine third album in the form of ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’ on Monday via Memphis Industries, a ten-track collection of prog-indebted pop songs that feels both delightfully untrendy and straight-up delightful. To celebrate, the Manchester outfit have revealed one of the more tie-in pieces of merchandising that we’ve seen in a while – a bespoke burger.

“We all love the episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where Larry get his own sandwich named after him so we really jumped at the chance and wanted to get involved,” drummer Andy Proudfoot enthuses, “So much so they let have a go at cooking the burgers ourselves.”

The ‘Godboy Burger Flexxin Out In The Wilds Of The Northern Quarter’, or just ‘Godboy Burger’ for short, takes influences from the band’s hometown of Marple, near Stockport, the band’s tastes and the album itself, with many aspects of the sandwich referring to the track titles from their new record. It’s a double “famous” burger with Dutch cheese, topped with seared wild boar sausage, shoestring fried onions, “Marple syrup” (a sauce based on the Stockport brewed, Dizzy Blonde Beer), chipotle ketchup with a speared Jelly Baby (the Godboy) floating on a cloud made from a mini dutchcheesesteakburger.

The burger will be sold at Almost Famous, a burger joint hidden away in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. “I was already a fan of the band and asked them for an advance copy of the album and offered to create a burger specially inspired by ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’.” Almost Famous owner Beau Myers says, “Each week we produce an exclusive special and thought this week’s could be a beautiful coming together of music and burger.”

We took it to Dutch Uncles singer Duncan Wallis to tell us a bit more about this heavenly creation.

The burger is apparently inspired by the album, but to what extent are the two related? Do music and burger come from the same place in the soul?

If music be food of life… we’d love to meet the elusive Jason’s Donner Van.

How smoothly did cooking the burgers go?

We completely surprised ourselves. The chef went through the burger with us once and we were left to our own devices. Andy fancies himself the most as the chef and does a mean Pulled Pork so we put him on griddle. Pete was in charge of the sausages, Robin – the bread and sauces. Duncan was the architect. We think the experience had the most profound effect on Pete who cooked Sausage and Bean Melts for everyone in the van this morning, to our surprise. Whilst eating them in the van on the way to our Bristol Instore – a Greggs van drove past and we gave it a big toot and a wave. We love Greggs (and Almost Famous of course).

With an infinite budget, what would be the dream item of Dutch Uncles merchandise?

Our own portable Tandoori Oven for kebabs. They do exist, we’ve already looked.

There will be 25 ‘Godboy Burgers’ available per day on Thursday 17th, Friday 18th, Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th January at Almost Famous. Anyone who buys one will receive a card to download Godboy and Queenie, a track that has never been available online before.

Memphis Industries released ‘Out Of Touch In The Wild’ on January 14th.

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