Amnesia scanner
13.05.2014, Words by Anthony Walker

Amnesia Scanner - 'AS LIVE [][][][][]'

'AS LIVE [][][][][]' is a twenty-three minute mixtape by producer Amnesia Scanner, very much in the style of Arca's '&&&&&' from last year and the long history of experimental beatmakers like Autechre that came before them.

We don't know much about Amnesia Scanner but you might remember the name on a Mykki Blanco track called Booty Bamboo a little bit ago, and the disfigured music is a clear introduction of sorts. Stream the tape here and/or download it here. A tracklist is below. 


01. Bounty
02. Robot Labor Isn’t Working
03. Vandalism
04. New Metal Reprise
05. Creol
06. Mentally
07. Nam-Dub
08. Chem1
09. Limitless
10. BB
11. Euro Trip
12. Spice Up!
13. Pressure Skit
14. Geowulf

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