02.11.2011, Words by dummymag

CFCF - Night Bus II Mix

Montreal producer CFCF (aka Michael Silver) released another installment of his Night Bus mixtapes earlier this week. Featuring Oneohtrix Point Never, ASAP Rocky, Vangelis, Alicia Keys, Fever Ray and more, Silver will debut this Night Bus II Mix live for a special Night Bus event on 10th November at Montreal’s Blizzarts nightclub.

“Night bus is the music that makes you feel night bus”; it is actually a term used by Silver to describe music that sounds a bit druggy, hypnotic, slightly dark and sultry. He explained that Night Bus is “a silly little term that originated on Hipinion that describes not a certain genre but a certain feeling of music… can’t quite describe what it is but Eno, G-Side, David Sylvian, DJ Screw, Angelo Badalamenti, Lil B, and the Akira soundtrack, are all super night bus.”

Around this time last year, Silver has release his first Night Bus mixtape, entitled Do You Like Night Bus?, which features his reinterpretation of Aaliyah’s 4 Page Letter, screwed remixes of tracks by DJ Nate and The-Dream, and many more.

CFCF Night Bus II Mix MP3 by The FADER

CFCFNight Bus II Mix tracklisting:

1. Vangelis – Wait For Me (Intro)
2. Eurythmics – This City Never Sleeps
3. Jhene Aiko- Stranger
4. ASAP Rocky/Oneohtrix Point Never – Demons/ Behind The Bank
5. Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty
6. Beaumont/ Cassie – Aventurescence/ Addiction
7. Elite Gymnastics/Notorious BIG – Here In Heaven/ One More Chance
8. d’Eon – Tongues
9. Underworld/Meek Mill – Sappys Curry/ Body Bount
10. Autechre/Alicia Keys- Lowride/Unthinkable

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