27.04.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

d'Eon's improv live set on Newtown Radio

Michael McGregor, who runs Chocolate Bobka blog, works at Kickstarter and generally does great music stuff in NYC, has a new weekly show called Plants and Lighting on Brooklyn-based station Newtown Radio. With a plan to feature “exclusive improvisations from 4th world artiste every week, and other outre auditory excavations”, it kicked off on Wednesday with a live improvised set from Dummy favourite d’Eon in Montreal. Titled ‘The Discordians Can Currently Outbid The Illuminati’, it feels like a sermon from another planet and is as wonderfully elevatory as that sounds. d’Eon’s set is followed by sharp selections from electronic music’s margins by McGregor “recorded on Friday 13th during Full Moon”. This is one to download and get lost to.

Plants and Lighting will go out every Wednesday on Newtown Radio at 8pm GMT

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