19.06.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn on Just Jam TV

DJ’s Rashad and Spinn have been good ambassadors for Chicago footwork, bringing their raw and rattling sound over the pond to Europe and steadily releasing a wealth of material independently and through labels like Planet Mu in the past few years .

The pair dropped in to feature on the online television channel Just Jam’s recent live show and were on top form. With the trademark Just Jam backdrop draped with footage of juke dancers and live performers also involved in the show, the DJs didn’t pull back at all and dropped a shiny new collaborative track with Machinedrum about ten minutes into their mix. The whole set’s peppered with bangers really, and it’s always great to hear how ruthlessly they work vocal samples into heady mantras and how they interact with the dancers who are such an important part of the footwork scene. You can watch the video embedded below or stream the audio through Mixcloud.

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