04.06.2013, Words by Aimee Cliff

Download James Blake's 2011 Essential Mix

James Blake has had an incredible 2013 so far, releasing his highly acclaimed and beautifully matured second LP ‘Overgrown’ on Polydor and performing to rapt audiences across Europe and the US, but he’s apparently in a nostalgic mood even so. Casting an eye back to the glorious days of 2011, the famous producer has uploaded his Radio 1 Essential Mix to the 1-800 Dinosaur Soundcloud page as a free download. The best thing about this 2 hour giveaway is the way in which all of its sonic influences, from Drake’s easy drawl to Blawan’s brittle techno to Blake’s own playful early productions, can be retrospectively heard in some form in the sprawling movements of ‘Overgrown’ – both figuratively and literally, as second track Olivia Kept seems to be a very early acoustic version of what eventually became the controversial RZA-featuring track Take A Fall For Me. Stream and download the mix in full below.

Erik Satie – Gnossienne No.5
James Blake – Olivia Kept
James Blake Versus Drake – Half Heat Full Versus Up All Night
James Blake – Pan
Snoop Dogg – Drop it like it’s Not (Harmonimix)
[unknown] – Unknown
Klaus – Tarry
D’Angelo – One mo’ Gin
[unknown] – Sicko Cell
Blawan – What You Do With What You Have [R&S Records]
James Blake – No More Than A Road (Dub)
James Blake – At Birth (Dub)
The Chain – Suffer For Your Art [R&S Records]
Peverelist – Roll With The Punches (Harmonimix)
[unknown] – Navigator
OutKast – Return of the G
Africa Hitech – Out In The Street
DJ Nate – 3 Peat
James Blake – Deeds
Gavin Bryars – Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets II
Gavin Bryars – Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets III
Odi et Amo – Johann Johannsson
Grouper – Vessel
James Blake – Untitled
James Blake – Untitled
[unknown] – What Was It
The Tallest Man on Earth – Love Is All
Rev. James Cleveland – Jesus Saves
Trim – Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)
James Blake – Evening Fell Hard For Us
James Blake – Placing Us
James Blake – Words We Both Know
Arthur Russell – Love Comes Back
Stevie Wonder – You and I

Polydor released ‘Overgrown’ in April 2013.

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