28.03.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 114 // Lorca

Text: Charlie Robin Jones

We released Lorca’s 12” Can’t See Higher / Missed Me last week. We’re very happy with it. More than most producers, he’s in touch with melody and songcraft, combined with an incisive sonic edge. The mix he made us shows this off perfectly, with a touch of the sonic grace and the wit that makes him, we believe, such a vital force. Head to the label page to find out more about the release, and download the mix below.

Love the mix. Can you talk us through it? What were the ideas behind the choices? What does it say about you?

Thank you Charlie, yeah this mix was basically a blend of all my favourite tracks from the past couple of months, old and new. I wanted the mix to be listenable so I’ve used less dancefloor orientated tracks than I would usually play out. I wanted the mix to be something you’‘d go back to and want to keep listening to so I tried to keep it as musical as possible; stuff with lots of chords and melodies etc! I have been looking back recently, listening to old house tracks mainly 90’s stuff and finding some absolute gems that still sound fresh.

You released a 12” on Dummy this week. First of all, Yay!, second of all, what’s the story behind Can’t See Higher / Missed Me?

Haha yeah, really happy with it! Can’t See Higher was a track started by me and a couple of friends in Brighton about 4 months ago. It was just a random one really, we’d never worked together on a track and my friends don’t really make or listen the kind of music I do, they are proper hip hop heads. We found that break that rolls through most of the track and were amazed! Just such a good break…I think it’s from a 70’s game show or something lol. I then took the demo and worked on it a lot more, I recorded the vocals in a studio in Hove with Nina Kissaun, created a break down and after that everything just fell into place! As for Missed Me this is a track I have been struggling with for about a year! Just couldn’t get it right. I had those vocals and drum loop but the chords were something I really struggled with. I think it works now though so I am happy!

You have a very Berlin edge to your sound. What inspired this?

Haha, to be honest…I don’t know what the Berlin sound is! I have never been there.

Any collaborations on the horizon you would like to speak about?

I have a couple of collaborations on the go at the moment that I am really excited about, but I’ve got to keep that quiet for the moment

You grew up on a houseboat. Any tips for riverside living?

To be honest I diddn’t really like growing up on a houseboat, I wasn’t much of a river person. It’s great in the summer, l advise people to live on a boat in the summer!

Which producers coming up at the moment are you particularly into?

Really into Jack DIxon, Leon Vynehall, Gongon also Mike Gao is pretty amazing

What’s your favourite colour?

Orange is big in the game

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