20.04.2012, Words by Karen Chan

Dummy Mix 117 // Close

If you consistently check this site you might have noticed our embrace of Close – a collective of rather, we believed, well-known producers. The end of last year saw Close dominate most people’s attention, quite rightfully so, with various remixes of Little Dragon’s Crystalfilm, Scuba’s Never, and Fink’s Perfect Darkness, and more intriguingly, their anonymity.

In fact, Close is the brainchild of one British artist, who seems to be pretty connected in the scene, as he’s already revealed that his forthcoming ‘Getting Closer’ LP will feature contributions from some established names (and friends of his) such as Appleblim, Ewan Pearson, Scuba, October, Tanner Ross, Charlene Soraia, Tikiman, Joe Dukie (Fat Freddies Drop) and Bastien from The Detachments.

Not enough is known about Close, so we’ve recently got in touch to find out more about this (yet another) mysterious producer. He’s also compiled a special mix for us, featuring a set of stripped-down, downtempo and less dancefloor-oriented tracks.

Hey Close! How’s it going?

I’m very well thanks – enjoying some spring sunshine out in the country which is where I’m based….

First off, an inevitable question – who are you?

I’m afraid I’m not going to tell you that. At this stage I’d like to remain anonymous so that my music gets judged on it’s own merit. A bit of mystery is always fun and intriguing as well!

Please tell us a bit more about this special mix you’ve made for Dummy?

In my other life I’m a DJ and produce music that’s mostly aimed at the dance floor (albeit the deeper end of the spectrum) and regularly do mixes/podcasts that are designed to make people dance. Whilst I didn’t abandon this ship entirely with this mix (and the Close project in general) I did enjoy being freed from the constraints of the 4×4 kick drum and drifted all over the shop tempo and vibe wise.

You have a new album on the horizon, when is it coming out? Could you tell us something about the making of it?

Indeed I do. The album is called ‘Getting Closer’ but I’m not entirely sure when it will be released. At the moment I’m talking to some labels and considering my options. There may well be an EP released this summer… The album was made over a year and half period and is based around a series of collaborations. I worked with Fink and his band in Brighton to create some live sketches to send to the vocalists we were working with – Charlene Soraia, Tikiman, Joe Dukie (Fat Freddies Drop) and Bastien from The Detachments, then once we’d got the songs back I worked on them further with some other friends – Scuba, Ewan Pearson, Tanner Ross, Appleblim & October. The project involved getting closer to a lot of people through the process of creation so the name seemed to fit.

Who or what inspires you?

My 5 month old son.

What have you got lined up in the pipeline for the rest of 2012?

My main priority is to develop a live show for Close. I’ve got some interesting ideas for a visual show as well… I hope to make some new Close material and I’m working on a number of things under my real name which for obvious reason I can’t talk about otherwise it will give the game away!

Best thing you’ve heard this year?

I know everyone’s probably sick of it by now myself included, but the first time I heard that Goytee single I was blown away… it was the middle of the afternoon and on Radio 1 and like a complete breath of fresh air amongst all the Guettafied hip hop nastiness… I’ve also really enjoyed music from Teebs, Tycho, Lapalux, Jacques Greene, Lone and new I:Cube album on Versatile is great. The Dem 2 remix of You’ll Improve Me by Junior Boys is very good as is the latest Marcel Dettman single ‘Landscape’.

Finish this sentence: I want to get closer to…

I want to get closer to releasing my album!

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