12.06.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 125 // The Hundred In The Hands

Today, The Hundred In The Hands released their second album ‘Red Night’ on Warp. As their self-titled first album was too, it’s a set of breezy and fresh pop, clean melodies and sweeping, bittersweet choruses to blow the cobwebs away. The New York pair have a gift for crafting effortless pop that gets to the heart. Just listen to the ecstatically slick Pigeons from their first album, or the way recent single Keep It Low shimmers and swirls, carried away on singer Eleanore Everdell’s touchingly fluttering voice.

For their Dummy mix they’ve given us a collection of songs that, in contrast with their own sound, spans the darker, left-field side of pop. Kicking off with the sludgy techno of Andy Stott, later rolling into Holy Other’s hypnotic grooves, before shifting tone into the springy house of Mark E’s Oranges, and ending with the thick metallic drive of Plaid. It’s a diverse selection, and shows just how many influences and details go into making their bright pop music is coming from. Jason from the band also answers a few questions about his choices, and about their new album.

Hello The Hundred In The Hands, how are you?

Jason: I can’t complain.

What kind of mix have you made for Dummy?

Jason: A few things that crept up while making the record and a few others I got recently.

Please could you tell me about a couple of the tracks you included and why?

Jason: We were listening to the Andy Stott record a lot when it came out and just got lost in his heavy dark space. When we looked for people to remix for the ‘Keep It Low’ 12” he was the first person we asked. Lucky Paul is another one who got us excited recently and there’s been talk we might trade a remix. Love the hazy descending steps of this track. The Mark E track was something our buddy Jaques Renault sent us after a studio visit.

It’s been a little while since we last heard from you. What have you been up to?

Jason: We were on tour for a long time and then finally came off the road and slowly began building a studio to record in.

I really like ‘Red Night’. What did you learn in the making of this album?

Jason: Thank you. Besides a ton of really nerdy things about the physics of making and mixing a record, I think we learned how to be a lot more honest in our writing and make less safe choices.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Jason: Just being out touring, meeting people and seeing some of our favorite places. For July and August we’ll be based out of Berlin where we have a lot of friends so I’m really excited for that.

And finally, any NYC tips for Dummy readers?

Jason: Highline Park and Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea and a hamburger at Dinner under the Willamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn.

Radio THITH Dark Spring tracklist:
Andy Stott – North To South
Demdike Stare – Nuance
Jonas Reinhardt – The Tactile Dome
Lucky Paul – Clouds
Holy Other – Yr Love (Hiran’ny Tanoran’ny Ntao Lo – _Oay Lahy e (O! Dear Friend))
Mark E – Oranges (Ronettes – Baby, I Love You)
Plaid – Eye Robot

Warp released The Hundred In The Hands’ ‘Red Night’ on 11th June 2012

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