24.07.2012, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 131 // Lukid

As well as producing some of the best London electronic music around, Luke Blair also runs this blog Cold Counter. It’s about those obscure cans of drink you find in down the back of the aisles in corner shops or ethnic food markets the country over. Every so often, he and his friends would review one, writing something witty about the taste and the design of these little slices of weirdnesses under the buzzing lamps.

Lukid’s music is similar. Concerned with the everyday yet fascinated by weirdness, global yet intensely particular to modern multicultural London, he’s been producing digital music of singularity and wit since his 2007 debut. That came out on Werkdiscs, the label ran by Actress / Darren Cunningham, and recent 12“s have come out on his own GLUM label. His most recent work is the soundtrack to Personal Best, a film about Olympic hopefuls from London.

“I create!”, Lukid’s Twitter bio reads. “I create for a living! I’m a creator! I am a creator!” And for us, he has created a mix that runs from celestial drone to skittering acid, as bright and brilliant as any we’ve hosted.

Mykki Blanco – Freak Jerk
Mast – Bullocks Running
Here We Go Magic – Over The Ocean
Abner Jay – I’m So Depressed
Lukid – Southpaw
Liquid – Dah Wine Deh
Tapes – Ghetto Rock
Mad Cobra – We Vex
Lukid – The Life Of The Mind
Vaghe Stelle – Spiral Gloom
Lukid – This Dog Can Run
Bandshell – Perc
Wiley – Mystic Forest
__ – Dizzee Stout

Hello Lukid, how are you?

Hello Dummy. I’m OK thanks.

What kind of mood is your Dummy mix all about?

It’s all of the moods. A rollercoaster ride through the human condition.

Please could you highlight a couple of the songs you’ve included and why?

Here We Go Magic Over The Ocean. Their first album has been a big influence on a lot of what I’ve made since i heard it. I’ve not been in to anything else of theirs as much, but BNJMN sent me this track from their latest album. Really beautiful and simple I think. The female vocals that come in in the 2nd half kill me. Tapes Ghetto Rock – I play this constantly. Not nearly got sick of it yet. Insane brilliance.

You have a new album on the way. This is very exciting. Could you tell us a bit about it?

It’s called ‘Lonely At The Top’. My goal was to put together an album that had an arc to it, a beginning middle and an end. I wanted it to be varied, with ups and downs and strikes and gutters, but with a very specific overall mood tying the room together. I wanted to make something that you want to listen to all the way through, repeatedly, which I think is something that is quite difficult to achieve with electronic music. I don’t know if I achieved my goal, but goddamit I tried, and when push comes to shove, what more of me can you ask?

What’s going on in the world of GLUM?

GLUM is on hiatus while the sun is out. We will be back to soundtrack your bleak, bleak winter.

Also, congratulations on the Personal Best soundtrack. Dream film score gig?

Thank you, it was a great thing to get a chance to do. Dream film score gigs: Coen brothers, Charlie Kaufman, Spike Jonze, Andrew Dominik, Jacques Audiard, Herzog, more Sam Blair.

What new music should we be filling our ears with right now?

King Louie I’m Arrogant

And old music recommendations?

Del Shannon Runaway

Finally, any top tips for enjoying the British summer?

Keep your expectations low and don’t complain about the Olympics.

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