11.12.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Dummy Mix 147 // Moony

Moony first came onto our radar with his 2011 EP ‘I’m A UK G’ released on fellow producer Mr. Mitch’s Gobstopper Records, continuing the fledgling imprint’s appreciation for the maximalist with a rich, garage-inspired selection. As well as the upkeep of a lively Soundcloud page and a weekly slot on Nasty FM, Moony also released the EPs ‘Seven’, his second on Gobstopper, and ‘Messy’ this year – subtly adding some more layers to his already-strong template.

Moony’s tastes cover garage, grime, hip-hop and house but the uniting theme is the club – with unabashed hands-up/heads-down dance music the order of the day. This exclusive Dummy Mix jumps from silky 2-step edits, upfront grime vocals and domineering rap singles, finally smudging into a europhic blur with his own 7in1 Mash Up (full tracklist below). Enjoy!

Hi Moony! Could you introduce yourself to people who may not know you already?

Hello, I’m Moony – a DJ and producer from Brighton. I make all sorts of music that go under the ‘UK Bass’ umbrella, predominantly Garage and Grime with a bit of House on the side.

Can you tell us a little about your mix?

Yeah, it’s just the usual mixed bag from, if I’m honest its more spontaneous than my normal showcase mixes. So you could say it’s more of an honest reflection of me as a DJ and not a “look at all the new tunes I’ve made” kind of mix. So it’s a small snapshot of my original tracks and remixes alongside other peoples music that I like to play out.

Any personal highlights on it?

That’s a tough one, generally speaking when I’m listening back to my mixes/shows or sets it’s always the newer music I’ve made which is the highlight. I think this is a normal thing with producers. So I’d have to say the first track as its the most recent.

How does your weekly radio show affect your production?

Having to fill two hours every week I find myself going out of my way to find new and exciting music to play, which in turn inspires me to make music myself so it’s a win-win situation. I’m keeping abreast of new music and being productive myself, also its good to be able to road test my tunes so regularly it helps me get a good feel for what does and doesn’t work in a mix.

You’re based in Brighton. How does being outside of London affect your work – if at all?

Honestly it hasn’t made much of a difference, I guess things may have happened sooner if I lived in London and went to school with all these people I now talk to through music but thats about it. Plus Brighton has a great music and club scene so I’m more than happy to be a part of it. My only real complaint living out of London is the cost of getting to and from which I seem to be doing a lot more regularly these days.

What’s exciting you musically at the moment?

Your always going to get music snobs and people obsessing over the latest trendy genre to like. I hate all that and I think what’s really exciting now is the fact there’s so much crossover between genres. All my favourite producers make more than one genre, and they mix elements of different ones together. Now more than ever I feel theres a general open mindedness towards UK electronic music and it im happy about that.

Plans for the rest of 2012 and for next year?

Just carrying on what I’ve been doing this year really. Im looking to do a third and final Remix EP for Christmas/New Years, as before it will be free and at the moment looking like 6 tracks at least!


1. Rosie Gaines – Closer Than Close (Moony Remix)
2. Morris – No Diggidy (Remix)
3. Moony – 1992
4. Sticky – G Funk
5. Moony – Break It Down
6. Moony ft. Lenzez – Meditate
7. Flava D – Swarve
8. Spyro – Fox
9. Moony – To Me From Me
10. Spooky – Spirit Of The Sun Refix
11. Rick Ross – MC Hammer
12. Moony – Untitled
13. Big Beat Bronson – New Me (Moony Remix)
14. Mosca – Bax (DJ Beenie Remix)
15. Rudimental ft. Shantie – Deep In The Valley (Woz Remix)
16. Moony – 7in1 Mash Up

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