17.11.2009, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 17 // Matt Waites

Not content with just one pseudonym, Future Flash resident and promoter MATT WAITES has three. You might know him as Nightmoves, the man responsible for a whole heap of awesome remixes for folks including Friendly Fires, Klaxons, Metronomy, Delphic, The Invisible and, er, Robbie Williams. Then there’s MOSCOW, Matt’s new solo project, plus releases with G&S partner-in-crime Nadia Ksaiba. But for Dummy Mix 17 (download it on the right), he comes clean with a trademark groove-heavy, heady mix that takes in some of the very finest house, techno and disco around. Get ready to get down, down, down.

What can people expect from the mix?

The mix is essentially a bunch of a tracks, styles and sounds that are having an influence over my sound at the moment, as well as some up and coming stuff that I’m really into. There are well known producers like Morgan Geist and Tim Goldsworthy as well as new artists like Azari & III and Beautiful Swimmers. A lot of the tracks I’ve chosen are entirely electronic and these producers seem to really be able to make electronic equipment – drum machines etc – come alive and that’s an idea that I’m really into at the moment.

You’ve carved out quite a reputation as a remixer under your Nightmoves name. Who was the most fun to do?

Surprisingly, or maybe not so, the least fun remixes are those where you have a deep-rooted respect for the artist; it makes it more difficult as there’s more pressure. Therefore, I’d probably say remixing Robbie Williams was the most fun! Not slating Robbie or anything…

I’m really liking your new stuff under the name MOSCOW. What’s that all about then?

I just really think there is something to be said for trying out new things. Under a new pseudonym you have that freedom. There is no expectation and it keeps things exciting. It’s too easy to get stuck in a rut if you don’t keep things moving on. I’m enjoying making music more than ever and really into the swing of writing records rather than just remixing. It’s taken me a while but the new start gave me the confidence to just do what I feel like with the music and I think it’s really paid off. The sound is much deeper and darker and its really helped me to develop a much more precise sound.

You’re a man that loves an AKA it seems. Tell me about your G&S project.

As I said before, new projects are a good way to keep the music exciting, and sometimes when you’re doing everything solo, it’s hard to tell exactly how things are sounding and whether it’s even in the right direction. Working with Nadia has been fun, as she has lots of good ideas and adds a whole different element to the tracks. So the G&S stuff has been totally different to anything I’ve made before! It’s also good to just have someone there to tell me if something is shit or not – to tell me the absolute truth. I can’t tell you what G&S stands for though..

What new music has been getting you excited this year?

Azari & III are amazing – both the singles sound like lost classics and all the b-sides are ace, so I can’t wait to see what else they come up with. They haven’t done much yet but the Beautiful Swimmers have been making some great tracks – particularly the first 12”, as well as everything else on their Future Times label. I’m really enjoying the new Etienne Jaumet album, the new Linkwood album, as well as the Tevo Howards recent EP ‘Everyday House Music’.

Who are you tipping for 2010?

Azari & III and Beautiful Swimmers!

What else have you got coming up?

I have a record coming out in January on Mule Musiq/Endless Flight as MOSCOW with a Brontosaurus remix on the b-side. Plus another record that I’ve just finished called Deep Heat which has a more much electronic sound that I’ve just signed to another label, but I’ll say more about that soon. More G&S tracks on the way – including a collaboration with In Flagranti on their Codek Label, a Nightmoves remix of Delphic on Modular, and a couple of MOSCOW remixes I’m working on right now.. phew!

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