23.11.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 18 // A Grave With No Name

How’s the band going?
I’ve started writing our second album which is gradually evolving into something which is both exciting and challenging me, as I have adopted a completely new approach to recording and songwriting for this record. Simultaneously, it’s really exciting waiting for our first LP ‘Mountain Debris’ to finally be released. Things are good.
Describe the mix.
The mix includes bands and artists who I believe use melody, texture and tone in their sound to reach a more satisfying plain of song than exists in the usual two dimensions.
What does it tell us about A Grave With No Name?
The mix is a good indicator of what I am listening to at the moment which will always feeds into the music I make.

There’s a lot of new London music in there. Was that on purpose, and do you think it’s a good time for music in the city?
I’ve never been more excited about bands in London from Hype Williams to Trailer Trash Tracys, The xx, Gentle Friendly, Celestial Bodies, Arch M, Banjo or Freakout and so many others, there’s a staggering amount of bands making inspiring music in London right now. The interesting thing being that the majority of the acts on the mix are not natives of the city, although they are residing here at the moment –  but that’s probably the defining characteristic of London, which inevitably has always made it such an interesting place for music.
Do you DJ a lot?
Not really. I used to DJ frequently, but found it an increasingly unrewarding experience. I kind of prefer staying in, making music or watching DVDs with my girlfriend rather the going out clubbing, but when I do go out, I’d rather listen to the kind of stuff that’s in the charts as opposed to the type of music that is on my mix. I mean it’s way easier to get down to Black Eyed Peas than it is to William Basinski.
What’s your favourite colour?
I’m pretty into duck-egg blue at the moment, with kumquat-orange running a close second.

A Grave With No Name’s album ‘Mountain Debris’ is out in December.

A Grave With No Name’s myspace

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