02.03.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 26 // Computer Jay

Hailing from the city of angels, Flying Lotus/Gaslamp Killer cohort COMPUTER JAY makes heavy, synthy Hip Hop beats. He releases the excellent Maintain on Ramp Recordings on March 22nd, with remixes from Ikonika, FaltyDL and Mike Slott. And he’s just made this awesome mix for Dummy, which he’s called ‘Voltage Screwed’.

What sort of vibe is your mix?

The vibe is a slow and steady head nod. I wanted to celebrate the life of the late great DJ Screw. So I chopped and Screwed the whole mix.

Tell us about some of the tracks you’ve included and why?

A lot of these tracks are songs I was raised on… I use to hear them in the club and on the radio. I’ve heard em so much I wanted to try something different with them.

Maintain is awesome. I hear there’s an album on the way. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Thank you. The EP is coming out on Ramp Recordings. It’s a blend of some older songs I needed to get off my chest with some new joints as well. Beautiful thing about music is it’s timeless. It’s crazy to think about considering music is vastly composed of timing.

What other music stuff do you have going on? Is Spirit Animal your project too?

Yes, there’s Spirit Animal with Steve Cooper. I’m also 1/3rd of a group called Master Blazter with J1 and Dam Funk. Shafiq Husayn and the A-free-Ka Ensemble is another outfit I’m in to name a few. I feel very fortunate to be involved with the people I work with. I really believe in the projects I’m involved in.

What’s the music scene in LA like?

It’s very vibrant and very unified on all fronts. This is one reason why i’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with so many talented and diverse people. I dunno…it must be the weather.

Who do you really rate musically at the moment?

This week I’ve been banging that P.U.D.G.E and Dibiase 10’‘ release off All City Records with my volume all the way up damn near breaking my speakers.

What are you most looking forward to in 2010?

All the releases I have lined up! Should be a good year. That and the next season of Dexter.

What’s your favourite colour?

I never understood why Americans spell colour wrong. I mean it’s just one extra letter. We always gotta be different. Why do we spell it color? Anyway it’s a tie between green and grey.

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