10.03.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 27 // Stopmakingme

Dan Avery aka STOPMAKINGME did the very first Dummy Mix back in March 2009 and bloody good it was too (get it here). One year on, having firmly established himself as one of London’s most exciting young DJ/producers, it only seemed proper-like that he make us another (download it on the right). Catch STOPMAKINGME at Dummy’s 1st birthday party with HUDSON MOHAWKE and EGYPTIAN HIP HOP on Friday 30th April (more details here).

What sort of mix have you put together?

This is the sort of mix I’ve had in my head for a while. It represents the style of electro, techno and the like you can find me playing in clubs; a mixture of brand new stuff, old tracks and a few things I’ve been hammering recently. Never too noisy but full of big, exciting tracks. To sound like a broken record, it’s “club music to make girls dance too.”

Please tell me about a couple of the tracks you’ve included and why.

Use Me by Polargeist is just about the most enjoyable and uplifting dance track I’ve heard for a long time, I couldn’t believe how much I loved it straight away. It reminded me of hearing Star Guitar by The Chemical Brothers for the first time. It has a magical quality to it. There’s also a new track by Ajello who make pretty huge ‘disco’ records with real bite. Plus, my new remix is at the end.

I love your Marina remix. What else have you been up to recently?

Thanks! I’ve done remixes for We Have Band, Boy 8-Bit and a new act called We Are The World. We (the Filthy Dukes and myself) have also been working really hard on our Kill Em All club night which we’re about to take all over the place. We’re in the middle of launching a Kill Em All digital record label with some amazing stuff lined up too. Oh, and I’ve been writing a bit for your good selves, interviewing people within our little ‘scene’.

Remixes seem to be having a bit of a creative renaissance at the moment. What’s a recent favourite of yours?

It’s nice to hear some remixes again which aren’t just the original vocal plonked over a grating electro sludge. I still think Ewan Pearson has a pretty amazing touch. I re-discovered his remix of Mocky the other day – what a record! Three note baselines are all you need in your life. The Mock & Toof remix of Zero 7 from last year was pretty mind blowing. I had also completely forgotten how incredible Erol’s remix of Scissor Sisters was – it sounds like nothing else. In Flagranti probably take the gold for the most number of great remixes this year.

So when do we get to hear a debut Stopmakingme release? And how is it all sounding?

I need the first statement to be perfect. I have plenty of ideas floating about so it’s just about creating the time to finish stuff. I’m going to hold off the remixing for a bit – I’m desperate to get stuff out there. I’d say the stuff currently sounds like Hot Mix 5 house with an electroclash heart but not intentionally retro in any way.

Who’s been getting you excited musically at the moment?

I think the Gold Panda album is going to blow others out of the water. His new stuff sounded unbelievable at fabric recently. There’s some great ‘horizontal’ music doing the rounds: Oneohtrix Point Never, The Parasails, A Grave With No Name. The Moon Duo record was fantastic. So was the Hot Chip album! I’m shocked people weren’t more into it, I thought it was really amazing. As for dance music, I’ve been enjoying Matias Aguayo, Harvard Bass, Tiger & Woods, Kink & Neville Watson, Clap Rules, In Flagranti (as ever), The Revenge, Motor City Drum Ensemble, loads of stuff… Wait till you hear the new Filthy Dukes stuff too. It’s pure club music and will turn a lot of heads.

What are you most looking forward to this year?

DJing till I drop. That’s the plan anyway. I’ve had a few gigs recently which have really spurred me on. It’s also really cool to see all my friends starting to release music and get somewhere, there is a little huddle of us forming. Make sure you check out stuff from The C90s, Matt Walsh, ZNTN, Astronomer, Photonz, Disco Bloodbath, Jac The Disco, Thick As Thieves and Geek Chic. I should also mention: going back into the studio, finally getting ‘round to watching The Wire and the new Deftones album!

What’s your favourite colour?

Blue, probably. Although I think I like grey and black clothes a bit too much.

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