31.03.2010, Words by Aimee Cliff

Dummy Mix 29 // Jackmaster

JACKMASTER has been busy. He runs superlative Glasgow bass umbrella organisation Numbers, a collective that takes in labels Dress 2 Sweat, Wireblock and Stuffrecords, that are now sticking out the fantastic Deadboy’s second record If You Want Me. Of course, the team also put on parties, and are thus taking over Fabric Room One on Friday. Jackmaster will be playing alongside Martyn, Rustie, Redinho, Nelson and Goodhand.

In between spinning these various plates he’s taken time out to indulge his love of commercial nineties house music in the short mix you can listen to and download on your right. So get clicking, come down on Friday and make sure you buy the 12.”

How are things?

Things are great. I’ve just come out of the Red Bull Music Academy which was the most fun in forever, and I’m more than hyped for this Friday’s party at Fabric. Also I booked my holiday to Sonar yesterday.

How’s everything going with Numbers?

Everything is finally coming together for the label now. Our brand new website launched last week, our first record is in shops now and Deadboy’s highly anticipated ‘If U Want Me’ will hit digital and physical shops on Monday.

What have you got coming up in the next few months?

Our next party will be with Joy Orbison and new Numbers singing Kavsrave, followed by two 7th birthday parties in July. Firstly at the Sub Club on the 2nd, then at Fabric on the 9th. Massive things are planned for both so keep an eye out!

Tell me a bit about the mix.

I had been planning on putting something like this together for a while, then the guys at Fabric asked me if I could compile them a top ten so this was the obvious time to take the leap and actually record something. I had a lot of fun making it but it was really weird going back to mixing that music. I felt like I was 15 again!

What do you like about this sort of music?

Mainly because it just reminds me of being young. Seven weeks off school in the summer-time to hang about with your pals, chase after girls and get drunk in the park. I guess there’s a kinda escapism element to it as well. Growing up as a teenager in Glasgow is a bit shit but anything soundtracked by this music is infinitely more appealing.

Have you got any tips for artists/labels/nights?

Nightslugs. It’s all about Nightslugs. Parties, artists and label.

If Jackmaster was a sea, which sea would it be?

The Lardrossen sea, which can only be found on old Drexciya records

Download the mix above, come down to Fabric on Friday.


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