Thool Mix art
25.01.2016, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 303 // Thool

Landing on Bullion's DEEK Recordings last year, Thool channel freestyle, synth pop, and new age-y synthesizers for a sublimely unique sound. Perfectly described as 'pop not slop', Thool's output feels well-thought out and constructed for all the right sensory pleasures, which are beautifully outlined in the exclusive mix they recorded for us.

A combination of various spoken word samples, trippy ambient techno and jungle jams; it's like doing yoga in the Amazon to an Enigma tape, before signing off take a dip in a bottomless blue lagoon. Whether you're resting your head next to a squad of bullfrogs or power-walking down Bond Street trying to find sanctuary away from Tories with Mulberry bags- this ones for you.

In Thool's own words:

“You're awoken deep in the Night Jungle, hammock quietly creaking. Engulfed by the vibrating cacophony of Nature, you drown in fear, insignificance and wonder. Things crawl, howl, hoot and growl at every degree. Here the Thool was born!”

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