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08.04.2016, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 321 // Ellen Allien

Considered by some as techno royalty, the BPitch boss has been at the forefront of European techno for nearly two decades now. Working between her hometown of Berlin and Ibiza, Ellen Allien is the linchpin of the world's most dynamic party scenes. A creative whirlwind, she spends her time effortlessly multi-tasking between DJing and producing, as well as running the BPitch Control label, events and artist agency since 1999. 

Ellen returns later this month with a new dancefloor euphoria tinged two-tracker 'Turn Off Your Mind', produced in her living room on a Roland Aira TR-8, Roland TB 303 and Jupiter Synth. A white knuckle ride of two eight minute long thrilling techno cuts, the EP pays homage to '90s Berlin, a time when she was regularly playing techno and acid sets at the city's legendary haunts – including E-Werk, Planet, and Tresor. 

It has been a long time coming, but in anticipation of the release Ellen finally adds to our mix series. Following in the same vein as her EP influences, she opens the musical diary to cherrypick some of her favourite old skool tracks from the '90s and in the process, revives the vibe of a golden age of clubbing.

Listen to the mix below and read an interview with Ellen after the jump, where she discusses her dream DJ set and makes a dignified call for world peace.

Hey Ellen, how‘s it going? Is 2016 treating you well so far?

Ellen Allien: "Today is a nice day! I met my sister for late lunch. Berlin feels good these days as the spring is coming, so street life is coming back too."

Tell us a little more about this mix. Did you record it with a particular mood or situation to enjoy it in mind?

Ellen Allien: "I compiled music that accompanied me from the '90s until now, so racks that I heard in clubs and tracks that I played in clubs. Especially for an after hours I did in Globus – the house floor of Tresor -together with DJ Tanith, for a few years. The name of the party was 'Club The Rest' and it happened every Sunday evening. I always play some classics and old school tracks in my sets, to bring back a bit of the vibe from the early days. All these beautiful tracks have to stay alive!"

"Music is like a diary of time…it has the power to bring back memories." – Ellen Allien

How did you select the tunes? Are there any stand outs, personal faves, or exclusives in there?

Ellen Allien: "I wanted to bring back memories. and play tracks that made me fly back in the days, and still do! There are so many more. It's the same that people experience, when I play my DJ sets."

This mix features tracks from KLF, B12, F.U.S.E, Speedy J, Ramin and some more…

It is such a flashback for me and that's why I love music so much, because it has the power to bring back memories. Music is like a diary of time. It's such a fast world we live in, and music reminds us of things we might already have forgotten, plus brings back emotions from deep inside."

4. You‘ve had a pretty enviable career and have probably played in some of the strangest locations and situations but where would your dream set be?

Ellen Allien: "My dream would be to play a DJ set for Björk's birthday party in Iceland. She is such a intense singer and artist – deep like the ocean.

"My dream would be to play a DJ set for Björk's birthday party in Iceland." – Ellen Allien

I just played there, in Reykjavik for sonar, and I did an instore DJ set for a record shop called Lucky Records —a big big store with lots of music from Iceland, plus second hand records and books. Very nice! The family is running this store and they have also a little stage for bands. If you go to Iceland then this is an important spot to visit —LUCKY RECORDS!"

Also, is there a decade/musical era that you always find yourself going back to? Maybe for personal enjoyment or even production reference etc.

Ellen Allien: "ACID!!! Berlin acid!!!"

What‘s next for yourself and BPitch this year? 

Ellen Allien: "The next big release will be a Dillon live album from a concert she did in a Berlin theatre, together with a choir. There will be also an EP release from myself 'Turn Off Your Mind'. We have a nice Miami bass EP by Jesse Perez in the pipeline and another release by phon.o. I'm also working on a new album to be released in the beginning of next year."

Anything to add or shout outs?

Ellen Allien: "Peace for the world…No more war industry, no more killing with weapons. No religion should be used to force people to kill!"

Ellen Allien's 'Turn Off Your Mind' EP is out April 18th via Beatport. Catch Ellen at XOYO for Bugged Out on the April 29th (info).

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