07.07.2010, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 38 // Othello Woolf

OTHELLO WOOLF is one talented fella. We last spoke in October last year when his then upcoming soul-drenched single Stand had us swooning. Now he’s back with new double single Doorstep/Deep Water on Young And Lost Club, just released on Monday. It’s really good. (You can download Sampha’s remix of Doorstep here.) Ever the gent, Mr Woolf put together this truly wonderful mix for us (download it above).

What kind of mix have you made for Dummy?

It starts off dark and brooding, moves into light and optimism, then mellows out towards the end.

Please tell us about a couple of the tracks you’ve included and why?

Kite is from Kate Bush’s first album, my favourite of hers. Although the album was released when she was 19, I believe she wrote this song when she was only 16. An incredible talent…still. Echo And The Bunnymen would be as big as U2 if there’s any justice in the world, both bands broke through around the same time – Over The Wall is one of their best. Toto’s Rosanna is one of those songs that in the past I may have dismissed as cheesy, but now I understand it – there’s no posing or irony or cool, this is just a great song straight from the heart. You also can’t help but notice the superb musicianship, the joy in the musicians is oozing out of the song – shortly after Toto released this track they went on to be some of the core musicians playing on MJ’s ‘Thriller’. The mix ends with No Other, a song by Gene Clarke, who after fronting The Byrds, went on to making a couple of outstanding and very much underrated albums before sadly passing away at a young age.

What have you been up to since we last chatted?

Working on new material day-in day-out. Very excited to present it to everyone when the time is right. Also videos for both Doorstep and Deep Water’ are just about finished.

I really like Doorstep. Is there an album in the works?

There is indeed…watch this space.

The Sampha remix of Doorstep is also excellent. Any chance of ever doing a duet with him?

I could see that happening at some point – he’s got good voice and infectious style of singing. So far you only really see that live as it’s not showcased on his releases up to this point.

Who else is getting you excited music-wise at the moment?

Nothing really. The last album I liked is Rihanna ‘Rated R’ and that was a while ago now.

What are most looking forward to this year?

I’m looking forward to it getting dark earlier and becoming colder. I much prefer playing shows in the winter months, there’s something in the air.

What’s your favourite colour?

White. There’s nothing on the walls where I live, bare white, that’s how I like it.

Othello Woolf Doorstep/Deep Water is out now on Young And Lost Club.

Othello Woolf’s myspace

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