09.09.2010, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 43 // Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo – real name Nthato Mokgato – grew up in Soweto and now lives in Johannesburg. He has been making music with the bands Playdoe and Sweat.X but his new album – out last week on BBE – is a revolutionary, Afro-Futurist take on electro and Kwaito house that references both his South African heritage, New Wave and abstract hip hop, forming something that is – in his words – urgently progressive. Download his mix on the right.

How’s it going?

Spoek: Everything is good and wild. I’m kind of fluey…I’m excited for my first album being released…and bubbling with ideas for new stuff. I’m in America for the first time now, in cloudy Venice Beach…and it’s kind of surreal. I’m DJing in LA and NY for this week…so yeah all giood.

What’s the mix like?

The mix is HIVIP through and through…the first song, Canecutter is by a good friend of mine Big Space from Johannesburg…it just goes in from there and never stops, well actually it stops with Tonite, my ode to love & death.

Which artists do you dig?

Fine art…I really love the old school South African artist Dumile Feni…he really inspired me with his illustration work. Music; I dig my dudes Richard The Third and Jakob Snake the most, I made most of my album, with them…out of South Africa I love what OKmalume, DJ Cleo, Tira, Mzi, and WhatWhat do…out of UK I love Tempz, Joy Orbisson, LV… I LOVE ACTRESS! Out of US, i dig Jay Electronica and what I’ve heard of Sleigh Bells.

What’s your favourite colour?

It used to be purple…it’s probably black now.

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