30.09.2010, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 46 // Wierd Records

How would you describe the mix?

This set of trax might make up a soundtrack for the Wierd weekly party and label atmosphere in Brooklyn throughout the first half of 2010 – private, fragile, haphazardly frenetic: barely-held-together minimal electronic music made whilst walking a tightrope in the night…or the excellent, intuitive pleasures of collectively molding an unprecedented fresh bolt of raw electricity with ones tiny, cold hands…

What are you up to at the moment & what’s coming up on Wierd Records?

Wrapping up Martial Canterel’s 1st new album in three years ‘You Today’ due out early in 2011 with the first single to be released in November, the debut LPs by Staccato du Mal from Miami, Kindest Lines from New Orleans, and a long-overdue re-mastered vinyl edition of Xeno & Oaklander’s debut EP ‘Vigils’ from 2006, all culminating in our most over the top live performance event yet the 3 day WIERD Festival 2010 in Los Angeles in late November which we’ll be announcing soon…

What are your thoughts on the coldwave revival happening at the moment?

…sorry man I hadn’t noticed its a not-so-lovely 35 °C here in Indian summer Bushwick today. Hopefully the cold gods will indeed bring back a bit of froide-tastic breathing room to the frozen bunker soon, I’m burnin up in here…

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