The Busy Twist
09.01.2017, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 476 // The Busy Twist

One of the stand-out staples of the vibrant South London club scene has served up the perfect antidote to 2016 with the first Dummy Mix of the year. Having produced tracks in Ghana, Columbia and London for the mix, The Busy Twist's selection and influences are just as far-reaching. From the Baile Funk scene in Brazil through to UK Garage, Funky and Bass soundscapes, the mix brings together the most colourful and exciting new club music from all over the world.

As Ollie from the group said over email “We want to bring people of different cultures, from other sides of the world, together – and dancing to the same beat.” That message was clear when, before sending off the mix to us, the boys packed the mix with some forthcoming exclusive heat from themselves, alongside enlisting group member and vocalist/percussionist Zongo Abongo to add hypercharged vocals over from Ghana.

With a live show featuring Zongo Abongo on the horizon and a slew of releases forged from Columbia due out later this year, The Busy Twist's 2017 is set to be as rowdy as this mix. 

The Busy Twist play at Kartel’s 4th Birthday Friday January 13th at The Bussey Building


Brothers – Kouslin

Bunda Bailar – Terick Abigail & Alfonzo

La Party – Dj Lilocox

???? – D j Lycox 

Ewe – Dotorado Pro

Arcadas – Kking Kong

Celebration – Heavy K

Faluma (Africa Latina Remix) –  Yakki Famirie

Afribiza! – Dj Keanu

Angolan Trip (Breyth Latin Remix) – oLIVS

The Thing (Zulu Remix) – Atumpan 

Lightning & Thunder – D-Dots

???? – The Busy Twist 

???? – The Busy Twist 

Cannon – Champion

Ana N'gola la Dila (The Busy Twist Remix) – Artur Nunes [Forthcoming]

Surinam – Marcus Visionary

Kivelenge (The Busy Twist Remix) – Kalambya Boys

Friday Night – The Busy Twist

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