15.02.2018, Words by dummymag

Dummy Mix 503 // Volruptus

Volruptus is the Alien Boogie Commander for a reason. On a one-man mission to make you move your feet, he hasn't failed in this mission once, and recent releases on bbbbbb Records and Nina Kraviz's Trip Records are intoxicating EPs that pair impeccable sound design with an unruly approach to genre, form and style. Volruptus is set to perform at this year's Sonar festival in Reykjavik, Iceland, a progressive melting pot of musical styles against a backdrop of such striking and breathtaking nature.

Before that, he laid down some vivid sounds in his exclusive Dummy Mix, merging the weird and wonderful in equal measure. "This mix consists of Icelandic electro music that highlights Sonar Reykjavik," he told Dummy. "Odo & Quark is a collaboration project between me and Kosmodod. Most of these tracks are unreleased and are nowhere to be found online, and there is plenty more where that came from!"


Volruptus – Time Travel

Odo & Quark – Benzine

Odo & Quark – 4th Gear

Volruptus – Household Toxins

Ceqi – Noname

Odo & Quark – Majdica

Odo & Quark – Sandala Andaglas

Hidden People – Interdimensional Love

Kuldaboli – Sovíetríkin

Kosmodod – Mars Electro

Kuldaboli – Strangar Reglur

ThizOne – Berlin

Volruptus – Nuclear Spin

Odo & Quark – Primordial Soup

Polar Attraction – Miklihvellur

Kosmodod – Magnetic Distortions


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