28.10.2010, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 50a // Nick Höppner

How’s it going?

Very well, thanks.

Please tell us a bit about the mix?

With the last mix I released for another website and this one, I had the idea to put as much different electronic dance music into one hour as possible. It’s not a club or a party mix, I guess, although it has a clubby core. The flow sometimes seems rather erratic, but I think it somehow makes sense anyway. There’s an overall breakbeat/broken beats/polyrythmic theme in the mix, I would say. As I had to do quite a lot of mixes recently, I also tried to keep myself interested. I hope this mix will do the same for the listeners.

What’s coming up for you and Ostgut Ton in the next few months? You have your London celebration in November — how will you try and bring the special music and atmosphere of Ostgut Ton/Panorama/Berghain to Corsica Studios?

Obviously we cannot bring the club, but we’ve got the music. 😉 I’ve been to Corsica Studios before and I’ve got the impression it suits us well.

After the “Fünf” compilation we’ve got a Ben Klock EP as the final release of 2010 in november. Next year will see the debut albums of both Steffi and Elif Biçer, mix cds by Prosumer and Marcel Fengler, as well as a ton of 12“es including a couple of debuts.

Do you have a favourite memory from Panorama/Berghain over the years?

Coming into Berghain for the first time six years ago.

Boris playing the entire Bolero at new years eve a couple of years ago to a packed dance floor going bonkers (this was before Carl Craig and Moritz von Oswald even thought of recomposing it).

A polar bear dancing his tail off in front of me while I was djing.

The club and Ostgut Ton are the kings of the Berlin techno/deep house/house scene … how do you think the scene and it’s relationship to its city will develop? What about in another fünf years?

That’s really hard to tell. All I can say is the city is developing very quickly. For better or worse remains to be seen. I wouldn’t have been able to forsee what has happened in the past five years, that’s for sure.

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