28.10.2010, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 50b // Sal P

How’s It Going?

It’s going good. I’m feeling a solid sense possibility as long as I remain motivated and prepared for what’s to come next.

Tell us a bit about the mix

I didn’t have any game plans; it’s just deep dark dubby atmospherics that give way to celebratory musical notions and audio happenstance.

What are you up to right now and what’s coming up for you over the next few months?

Besides performing at the ATP event on Saturday there are DJ gigs in Vienna & Portugal.

Back in New York there’s some side projects and collaborations, more DJ gigs, hopefully writing more music with the band, and finally facilitating other people’s creative development in-between all this.

Your favourite Halloween costume of all time? What are you going to dress up as this year?

Hmmmm I guess when a friend and I dressed up as an unashamed Adam & Eve. Fortunately the weather was mild and the fish weren’t biting (wink.)

My Halloween will be on stage this Saturday so I’ll present myself as an excitable middle aged guy trying to impart my enthusiasm to kids of all ages.

What’s exciting you in the NYC music scene at the moment?

Musical scene? That’s a stretch. I would say, more than there being a scene, that there are some good parties. Particularly last weekend I went to the Strobe Lodge, a loft style party in Williamsburg, to hear Danny Krivit and Citizen Kane. That was a hoot! There are a bunch of young female DJs growing large in NYC right now. It’s exciting and interesting seeing them break out.

Are you still giving vegan cooking lessons? What’s your favourite recipe at the moment?

Sure am. I’ve been into making breakfast lately: various versions of a tofu scramble with hand made whole wheat wraps and also spanish omelettes made with chickpea flour instead of eggs.

I’ve also been getting into canning as the local produce sold at area farmer’s markets is starting to wind down. I’ve been pickling and canning as if no stores are going to be open in Manhattan all Winter.


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