05.06.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 554 // Coco Bryce

"I went and picked some of my personal 1992 favourites, with a couple of newer bits thrown in for good measure"

Dutch DJ, producer and Myor label head Coco Bryce recently handed in a masterpiece of an album with ‘Night On Earth’, comprising eight cuts of classy AF jungle that doesn’t mean ‘revival’ in a pejorative sense. Toeing the line between chill and hype is some skill, but Bryce manages it with aplomb on the album, providing a manual that all jungle producers worth their salt should have a leaf through.

Having DJed since 1995, Coco Bryce has been firmly in the hardcore, breakbeat, D&B, gabber and jungle world for some time, and his Dummy Mix certainly mines those zones but is “a bit different from what I usually play,” he told us. “Normally most of my DJ sets and mixes are around 160bpm, mainly jungle, lots of new releases blended with a solid dose of 94/95 stuff… for this one, though, I went and picked some of my personal 1992 favourites, with a couple of newer bits thrown in for good measure (including an as-of-yet unreleased one by myself which I made just a couple of weeks ago).

“Even though I don’t play these tunes out all that much, it’s hands down one of my favourite eras, especially when it comes to breakbeat hardcore. It’s just before the split between jungle and (happy) hardcore: the drums aren’t super choppy yet, but you can already kinda hear where things were headed, yet it still has that rave-y feel to it, without sounding corny or being too bouncy, you know… I just love how spontaneous those tunes sound.”

Tune in to Coco Bryce’s bone-rattling, ’92-centred Dummy Mix now:

Existence – In My Dreams
2 Bad Mice – No Respect
Desired State – Duckin And Divin
Vanilla Essence – Vanilla Essence
Coco Bryce – Your Touch
Nookie – Give A Little Love (Not Enough Love Mix)
D Major – Sonata No 2
Skeleton Krew – Luv Ta Luv Ya
Dead Man’s Chest & Sonic – Pum Flex
Ramski – Dream Of Horns (Mix 1)
Spiral Tribe – Ragga Boom
Coco Bryce – Runnin
On 1 Crew – Bad Dreams
Coco Bryce – Love Flows
The Sorcerer – Mind Scratcher

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Purchase ‘Night On Earth’ via Bandcamp here and pre-order his forthcoming split 10″ with Sonar’s Ghost on 7th Storey Projects here.

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