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10.07.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 558 // Scratcha DVA

Scratchclart showcases the best of "UK Gqom" on this mutant mix...

Recently re-dubbing himself as Scratchclart, Scratcha DVA has never been wont to stick to one path. The rave eccentric and Hyperdub affiliate has over the course of his career explored the murky depths of grime, UK funky and gqom. 2019 has already been a prolific year for him – firing out almost one release per month, he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

His latest is a collaboration with producer and vocalist KG, aka Karen Nyame, mining some UK funky-meets-gqom flavour (or as he recently tweeted: “UK Funky + Gqom = UK Gqom. Qwik maths”). ‘Touch’, out via Hyperdub this Friday, comes hot on the heels of his collaboration with Lady Lykez, for their ‘Muhammad Ali’ EP released back in May, while Scratcha also recently dropped the ‘DRMTRK EP VII‘, an angular four-piece of gqom at its most deviant.

In the same vein of the EP, Scratcha’s Dummy Mix smashes together some of the best of gqom and UK funky known to man, from DJ Lag to the allusive SingleWhiteFemale project who he’s previously collaborated with (could it be Scratcha himself?), and it’s a ride full of breathless drops and uptempo wickedness. Strap in below.

SingleWhiteFemale – Air Bubble
JBS x Nonku Phiri – The Siren’s Call VIP
Leonce – Vesper
Nan Kolè x Hagan – Horizon
Kenphonik – Sunday Showers
Wallwork – Panther
KG x Scratchclart – Strings Of Death
Hagan – Ghana Step
Bamz – Raining Season [Vocal Dub Edit]
Sinj x Zor – ???
NKC – Soft UK Gqom
DJ Lag x Okzharp – Now What?
Yotam Avni – Coke Bouquet
Mafia Boyz – ???
Hagan – Right Here
Logan Olm x J Beatz – Wickid & Wile Dub
Jack Dat & Jammz – French Montana
Scratchclart x Griffit Vigo – Goosebumps
Griffit Vigo – Rehab Sounds
KG x Scratchclart – Touch (Reprise)
Ikonika x DJ Lag – 222
Shola Ama – Forget
Scratchclart – Reload Ayers
Lady Lykez ft. Lioness – Muhammad Ali (Remix)
DJ Gregory – Don’t Panic (Tiger Stripes Remix)
JBS – A Song About Birds

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

KG & Scratchclart’s ‘Touch’ is released this Friday 12th July via Hyperdub – stream the lead track here.

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