14.08.2019, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 561 // Banshee

It's a sweet, smooth ride through some left-of-centre sounds, much like a YouTube dive you might make...

Banshee remains something of a mystery in the UK club music landscape. Having bubbled up through the Internet for his sliced-up R&B-meets post-dubstep-sounds (we once described his remix of Sully’s ‘Concord’ ‘like he met Enya on a comedown and they’re sailing down a lazy river’), he found a guest slot on Zombys ‘Ultra’ album and, in turn, Zomby remixed his ‘High Let Me Fly’.

He’s been away for a minute since then, but recently dipped his head above water, dropping a four-tracked EP ‘Thought Bubbles’ via Goon Club Allstars (a fitting home for his cross-pollinated sounds), which repurposes vocal snippets rooted out during deep YouTube wormholes.

Banshee’s Dummy Mix is as nebulous as his own elusive presence. Slotting UK drill beats next to Mariah Carey, interspersed by the roaring sounds of the ocean, it’s a sweet, smooth ride through some left-of-centre sounds, much like a YouTube dive you might make. Press play below, and find the tracklist after the jump.

HU? – UV Faktor 5
James Ferraro – Thrash & Escalate (Demo)
Emgee – Do Now
Rhythm For Reasons – The Smokers Rhythm (DJ SS Remix)
Potential Bad Boy – Bring Your Body
DJ Nate – Get Rid Of Em
BKay x Bruskiii Ky – Vengeance Instrumental
JM00 – Mish And Mash Instrumental
Jamma Beats x Rizly Beats – Reinforced Instrumental
AXL Beats – Max Pain Instrumental
Mariah Carey – Breakdown
Robert Hood – Desire
Donna Dee – Lonely
Dil-Don’t – Stripe Summer
D.E.A. Project – Through The Rain (4×4 Mix)
Young Malcolm – Bussin Instrumental
Swift x Bigz – Chingings
AXL Beats – Red Dead Instrumental
Actress – There’s An Angel In The Shower
‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Banshee’s ‘Thought Bubbles’ EP is out now via Goon Club Allstars – buy/stream it here. He plays an EP release party at Grow Tottenham on 20th September.

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