24.01.2011, Words by Aimee Cliff

Dummy Mix 59 // Steffi

Steffi is one of the few DJs in the world to boast a monthly residency at Panorama Bar, but her excellence is supported by many different pillars. Steffi Doms started out in the music scene of the Netherlands: she spent the majority of the Noughties running the record label, Klakson, and promoting multiple parties in Amsterdam. Steffi’s nights became integral to the city’s underground dance music scene and mostly focused on house, techno, and electro. Then an important audition happened: DJ nd_baumecker offered Steffi an audition with the Ostgut Ton crew to play at the infamous Panorama Bar/Berghain. A few one-off slots quickly turned into a quarterly, and finally monthly residency at the superclub. Her DJ sets are chock-full of energy, span many genres, and above all will seriously get you dancing. Although Steffi still has a few residencies in Amsterdam, 2007 saw her relocate to Berlin and her star has been consistently rising. Alongside regular touring around the world as a DJ, Steffi’s productions have been turning heads. Her latest release, on Jus-Ed’s Underground Quality label, has been receiving praise across the scene, and her first full length album drops next month on Ostgut Ton. We can’t wait to hear what she’s going to do next, and cannot urge you enough to see her next time she’s playing in your town.

How’s it going?

I am good, thanks. Busy days in wintertime.

Tell us about the mix please?

It’s a mix between deep and funky… new records mixed with records from the last couple of years.

What’s coming up for you in the next few months?

My debut album is coming out in the first week of February on Ostgut Ton. I am doing a small album tour in January, February, and March. I will be doing some more third side releases and at the moment i am working on a couple of remixes.

Can you please tell us about your recent release on Underground Quality and new album coming up on Ostgut Ton?

I met Jus-ed a few years ago when he played his first gig in panorama bar and we got along very well. We stayed it touch and last year I finally finished some tracks that I wanted to give to Ed. In the beginning it was supposed to be a 12 inch without vocals until i met Virginia. I asked her to sing something on one of the tracks and it turned out to be great. I told Ed there was a small change of plans and sent him the new version. It all fell into place for me and I asked Virginia to sing on my album. In the meantime Ostgut Ton offered me a free slot to do an album for 2011. So from March till October I locked myself into the studio and worked non stop to finish tracks i had been working on for a while and created some new stuff to complete the album.

You must have some great memories being a resident at Panorama Bar. What are some of the ones that stick out the most for you?

There are many actually. It’s hard to describe one particular moment as for me its not about one moment but more like the journey from the past 5 years i played there.

What are you looking forward most to in 2011?

I’ll just let it happen and see what this year brings me: see how people respond to my music and enjoy all the places i go to play this year.

Ostgut Ton releases Steffi’s Yours & Mine on the 7th February, 2011

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