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09.12.2020, Words by Felicity Martin

Dummy Mix 608 | Big Miz

The Glaswegian selector delivers a slamming garage-house mix...

Hailing from the southside of Glasgow, selector and producer Big Miz has enjoyed a pretty big year. He’s dropped releases on Shall Not Fade, Soft Computing – while also self-releasing – and also recently featured on Dance System‘s ludicrously fun ‘Where’s The Party At?’ mixtape, contributing blindsiding jam ‘The Tunnel‘.

His latest, ‘Cartha Street Cuts’ EP, drops in a few days on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, the label native to his home city. It’s the kind of damaging, wonky material that we’ve come to expect from Miz, with squelchy textures and pointillist synths. Packed full of diva house and shuffly retro grooves, Big Miz’s Dummy Mix is a fully danceable affair, a middle finger to the year we’ve had and a riotous listen. Strap in below.

Sakro – Beautiful Music
DJ Deeon – Get Freaky
Big Miz – Causal Loop
Mood II Swing – Call Me
Big Miz – Doin The Damage
Dj MoReese – Pulsar
Skream – Instakord
Big Miz – Glitchy Belter
Cinthie – This Bomb Is Mine
Eloy & Gora – 2nd City

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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