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15.07.2021, Words by Billy Ward

Dummy Mix 618 | FYI Chris

"If the clubs are still shut in 2025 it could be alright for jogging away from Boston Dynamics' G4S patrol dogs..."

FYI Chris are a Peckham-based electronic duo whose approach to music is as fluid and ever-changing as the South London clubbing scene they operate in. Comprised of two Chris’s, Chris Coupe and Chris Watson, the pair live and breathe SE15’s underground culture, working at the local Rye Wax venue and record store by day and spinning their dusty, jazz-tinted house music by night. Since becoming a mainstay on Peckham’s cult Rhythm Section imprint, the duo have gone on to release via their own label West Friends as well as Bristol’s Black Acre Records, retaining their laid-back outlook towards producing at every step of the way.

Their most recent album ‘Earth Scum’ is an ode to the district they grew up in. Volleying between murky, late-night ambience and pulsating jazz, the project exists in a similar sonic world to South London royalty such as Maxwell Owin, King Krule’s DJ JD Sports, and MC Pinty, who makes an appearance on the record alongside fellow local Simeon Jones. FYI Chris’ Dummy mix raises the energy levels a couple notches with a mouthwatering selection of club heaters. “This one has a lot of uptempo club stuff from the last year(ish) – all tunes that have been keeping us boppin at home from pals and people we buzz off, mixed with a few older favourites we wanna hear loud again asap,” FYI Chris says. “If the clubs are still shut in 2025 it could be alright for jogging away from Boston Dynamics’ G4S patrol dogs who knows.”


KG x Scratchclart – ‘Touch (Reprise)’
Neana on the Trak – ‘Curtains4U (Janet)’
Kaval – ‘Drum Express’
Fizzy Veins – ‘Kool Down’
Levon Vincent – ‘CYCLOPS TRX 1’
The Josh Craig – ‘Zero Regrets’
Ell Murphy & Stones Taro – ‘Hours’
Hoovarian Blur – ‘Old Gold’
Poison – ‘CCGC60’
TD Nasty – ‘All Your Tracks Whack Remix 2020’
Drumskull – ‘Battle Stations’ ( Benny Ill Remix)
Awesome 3 – ‘Don’t Go’
KMA Productions – ‘Cape Fear’
Loefah – ‘Voodoo’ (Omen Remix)
RSD – ‘Pretty Bright Lights’
Mars 89 – ‘In The Shed’
Slipmat – ‘Breaking Free’
Drama 1 – ‘Need for Love’
New Jack Pimps – ‘Water Jelly’ (Amen Lick)
Refreshers – ‘Way U Smile’
DJ Pulse – ‘So Fine’
Neil Landstrum – ‘Cutlass’

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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