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28.07.2022, Words by Billy Ward

Dummy Mix 638 | niina

"I went for tracks that I felt mostly had that carefree fun vibe to it..."

Often pictured facing away from the camera or hiding behind her bubblegum pink aesthetic, niina is part of a new, youthful and imaginative generation of cross-over dance acts putting their music first. Opting to write, produce and direct all of the work she puts out, it’s no surprise that this one-woman project is turning heads across the industry, earning supporters in taste-makers such as The Blessed Madonna as well as hitting number 1 spot on Spotify’s popular Planet Rave playlist with her hit single ‘miss u’.

Existing in the same sonic lane as her peers Logic1000, Elkka, TSHA or Jayda G, the fast-rising talent is the latest to helm a mix for Dummy. “I based the sonics of this mix off of music I feel connects to my latest single ‘everythings gunna be alright, niina said so’ in some way,” she says. “I went for tracks that I felt mostly had that carefree fun vibe to it, going a bit dreamier in places but always coming back to something a bit tongue-in-cheek that makes you wanna dance.”


Hiatt dB – Everyday Break
Lee Rodriguez – Making a Living
Black Spuma – Orme
niina – miss u
Jad & The – Deep Dark Grimey Dance Floor Moment
Murphy Jax – It’s the Music feat. Mike DunnĀ  (Alden Tyrell remix)
Jimpster – Can’t Stop Loving
Yamen & EDA – Happy Shoes (Re-UP Remix)
Chiquito – Oldhauz
Fort Romeau – Jack Rollin’
Sasch – I just Want
Phil Weeks – P’s Theme
Discoslap – Super Nine
niina – everythings gunna be alright, niina said so
Mash – Style is the Answer (Dominic Martin Remix)
Jozif – Good Man (Matt Tolfrey’s EC1 Mix)
Bella Boo – Sin Sin (Matthew Styles Edit)
Maximiljan – Ol’ Dirty

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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