14.04.2011, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Dummy Mix 68 // HOLLAGRAMZ

HOLLAGRAMZ used to be one lovely guy from Denver, now they’re two lovely guys from Denver. Ron and Cory recently released the otherworldly ‘Spectral Crush’ EP (grab it from Pictureplane’s blog) and also dropped by our party at SXSW to play the best kind of acid-dipped rave back-to-back with Pictureplane (check his last great track here). It was an adventure. They’ve captured that spirit on this brilliant mix (download it on the right).

Hey! How’s it going?

It’s going good thanks! We’ve been really busy working on music; we have some exciting things coming up. We just hung out in this burned out warehouse and took some pictures.

Please tell us a bit about the mix?

We wanted to create a sort of danceable dreamscape. We also wanted to take you on an adventure. It has some songs that we remixed, as well some unreleased songs of ours and some remix’s of our own stuff from other people. Creating an organic flow to the mix is something we’ve been focusing on.

HOLLAGRAMZ is now two people – tell us about that?

Yeah, Cory Brown is a new edition to the project. He’s in another Denver band called Constellations. I did a remix for them last fall, and we starting collaborating from then on and it just worked out really well.

What’s going down with Rhinoceropolis and the club scene in Denver right now?

Well as far as the club scene, we run a monthly dance night called “Real is a Feeling” along with Pictureplane and Narky Stares. I think it’s the most progressive dance night in Denver. No one else is really playing the kind of music we are. We’re really trying to switch up the electronic scene in Denver. We also recently threw a couple of all night partys, the latest was at Rhinoceropolis with Grave Ravers (another party crew here). It was a huge success, and we plan on doing it more often.

Anyone catch your ear at SXSW?

SXSW was sort of total chaos this year! We didn’t really get to see any of the music we wanted to see. We played a show with Starfoxxx and really enjoyed what they were doing. Also were huge fans of what the Weird Magic blog is doing- the “Glitter Orgy” that we played was phenomenal. And can’t forget Mount Kimbie and Laurel Halo absolutely killing at Lanai.

And finally, what are you guys up to for the next few months?

We’ll be releasing a remix compilation of our songs from ‘Spectral Crush’. Also we have a brand new EP that we’re working on, it should be out early to mid summer. Other than that, we’ll be playing shows and throwing parties.

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