30.06.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 78 // Murphy Jax

Fact: Murphy Jax loves the vintage sound of Chicago house. His music also carries the sound of someone who loves old Detroit techno and Paradise Garage bangers. The Berliner has been making music under different names for over seven years now, and his star has been steadily on the rise since his collaboration with Mike Dunn, “It’s The Music,” on Clone Records last October. Since then he has released another 12” that has done quite well, and his latest offering on Tiga’s Turbo Records label has already been receiving high marks from the dance music community. We reckon he’s just going to keep getting better so feast your ears on this exclusive mix of 808 beats and electro-pop sounds. Enjoy!

Please tell us a bit about the mix?

Well, today’s scene is pretty much boring in my eyes. If you look at my musical style, you could possibly imagine that there are not many records I could buy. So I dugdeep and listened to absolutely everything original that’s Chicago influenced, and it came out a best of the best mixdown.

Your music is heavily influenced by the sound of Chicago — what is it about the old Chicago sound that you love so much?

Chicago as a city does not really stand for a genre on its own. We probably look at a period of some years back in the 80s, when Chicago was the only place in the world where Chicago house music was played. But then, like it is with all music styles, it went international, and created its own movement. So Chicago now, is just a big city. It’s just a term to express a certain kind of subgenre.
If we would it call deep house or house, like it is badly mixed up in every record shop today, we wouldnt have a chance to find it or talk about it.

What festivals/parties are you most looking forward to playing this summer?

This summer is reserved for some private holidays, production, and live set creation. I am mostly aiming on live sets, which means a lot of work to develop it because i play with machines only, as i never was a big fan of laptop work. Breaking tracks down to single pieces, find ways to improvise and still keep the action of melodies and changing sounds, that I like so much.

What else is coming up for you in the next few months?

There is a second clone release planned, which will come out mid of July. A very smooth, deep and jazzy track, called Smoove Drama, will be on it. One of my personal favourites, next to the We Dance track on Turbo. It also features a remix of Orgue Electronique, that i really really love. Later on, after the summer, Hypercolour from UK , signed some minimalistic and acid touched chicago tracks of mine. However we are still looking for a good vocalist on that one.
So, if there is any Run-D.M.C. influenced MC out there, who likes some old school grooves – get in touch with me through my official homepage: www.murphy-jax.com.

Turbo Records released Murphy Jax’s 12” ‘We Dance’ on the 27th June 2011


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