11.08.2011, Words by Zara Wladawsky

Dummy Mix 86 // Faze Action

Before nu-disco and disco-house exploded last decade there was Faze Action. The two brothers, Simon and Robin Lee, had been making “modern” sounding disco since they released their first track in 1995, Original Disco Motion. Key heads were, including Francois K and DJ Harvey’s, and the brothers have been steadily releasing music, DJing and playing live around the world since. Some of their popular tracks from the 90s have been enjoying remix work from genre-masters such as Carl Craig and the result has opened their music out to new audiences and generations. Besides their studio and live duties, Simon and Robin set up Faze Action Records (FAR) as a platform for both their own releases and likeminded musicians. Recent FAR releases have been by Horse Meat Disco’s Luke Howard and the duo will be releasing their fifth album, Information Overload, on the label sometime next month. Any Londoners that fancy a sneak peek of the new album can get their fix at their upcoming live set at the Queen of Hoxton on August 19th.

Tell us a bit about the mix

It’s a snapshot of the kind of music, new and old, that we are listening to at the moment. It also features some of our recent remixes. We released “The Shack – Touch it” on our own label, Faze Action Records (FAR), earlier this summer and the mix features a remix we did. It also features a remix we did of Kid Creole and Coconuts and an edit of an old track by britfunk band known as Elixia that we did for Dave Lee’s Z Records label.

What can we expect on your upcoming album? How is it different from your previous output?

We always like to change things up at Faze Action, every album has a definite angle.This one still has the FA disco style but has a more rough downtown edge to it. There are more vocals on it as well. We will be previewing some of the new material at the live show on the 19th August so if you really want to know then you know what you have to do. This time we have retained the silky vocal services of Mary Moore and added a new vocalist, Chris Woods on guitar and vocals too.

What are your three favourite things about playing live?

Firstly it’s really important for us to connect with the audience and getting that crowd reaction to feed off is a great feeling. It’s a different thing to DJing as you have only got the material in your live show to work the crowd with. Being in the moment and making those instant choices of what to do and how to play and perform are the only tools you have. It’s quite a liberating feeling.

What’s coming up for you over the next few months?

We are putting together our new album and at the same time we are playing in Ibiza. At space on Friday the 1st of September. The following week we have a FAR party at Aura and we’re really looking forward to those too.

Faze Action Records will release Faze Action’s LP ‘Information Overload’ in September 2011


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