24.11.2011, Words by Charlie Jones

Exclusive El Kid mix

Since their first release back in May, Left_Blank have steadily become one of the year’s most interesting new labels. Beginning with the release of Bristol producer Vessel’s ‘Nylon Sunset’ EP, a fiery sharp take on bass, then progressing with a split release from Visionist and Lorca, three tracks with planetary-sized weight.

Their final release of the year sees them returning to the fertile ground that is Bristol’s somewhere-between-dubstep-house-and-techno scene, with the ‘Hypnosis’ EP from El Kid. Starting off making dubstep under the name B-LAM, Sam Kidel has since released on Bristol labels Immerse and Rekordah’s Astro:dynamics, where he put out a split with Left_Blank label mate Vessel. Alongside Vessel, as well as Kahn, Zhou and Jabu, he forms part of the Young Echo collective, a group of like-minded Bristol producers who put on a radio show.

LB003: El Kid – Hypnosis EP (Preview) – Forthcoming 28.11.11 by left_blank

The ‘Hypnosis’ EP is right up there with Left_Blank’s other releases in terms of consistency and quality. Four starry-eyed tracks of shimmering drums and bristling bass, from the warm garage swoon of the title track, to the syrupy techno of Mud to Kachinja’s weighty bounce. There’s also a remix from the Hyperdub released Walton. To mark the EP’s release next week, El Kid has put together the following mix, which takes in the likes of Daphne Oram, Oni Ayhun and Tim Hecker alongside his own productions. Overall, it fits well with the ‘Hypnosis’ title of the EP, a mesmeric spider web of a listen. Hear it and download below.

El Kid exclusive mix by DummyMag

Left_Blank will release El Kid’s ‘Hypnosis’ EP on 28th November 2011

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