11.08.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Tune into grime's first and only numbers station

Grime music and dodgy radio stations have a rich history and there’s a lot of fun to be had plumming through hours of low quality but utterly distinct recordings from the genre’s early days. This short mix clips and loops radio mobile phone call-outs to create a run of digits that resemble number stations, shortwave transmissions consisting of streams of numbers, tunes and Morse code that were cropped up after the Second World War and are widely assumed to be a way of communicating secret messages to spies – claims that are obviously unacknowledged by official government agencies.

The project is the the brainchild of Resonance FM contributor Autodespair and is described as the audio track to an upcoming video. It’s definitely strange stuff but there’s also a weird syncopated rhythm that holds the whole thing together, listen below.

Grime Numbers Station by autodespair

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