12.06.2013, Words by dummymag

Learn the history of Spiritual Jazz with this 12-hour mix

In one of the more ridiculous things you’ll listen to today (or should we say listen to a fraction of today), here’s a 12(!)-hour mix of Spiritual Jazz. The mix takes in music from 1957 to the modern day and features the likes of Sun Ra, Herbie Hancock and other, lesser known names. The mix was compiled by Black Classical for The Jazz Meet. It dates back to August last year (here’s Gilles Peterson bigging it up) but has been rediscovered this week thanks to the power of social media, and it’s more than worth a re-visit.

Head to The Word Is Bond to listen to the mix, and check the tracklist below.

Roy Campbell/Joe McPhee: Music Is The Healing Force
Fred Stone: Theme From Laurence Of Arabia
Fred Stone: Elissa
Bob Thiele: Lament For John Coltrane
Bob Thiele: Love Supreme
Dwight Trible: In The Beginning God
Massimo Urbani: Quartet Dedication To Albert Ayler
Elvin Jones: Love Supreme
Massimo Urbani Quartet: Dedication To John Coltrane
Family Of Percussion: Circulus Aquae
Sunday Palaver: Last March
Blackclassical Remixes Sarah Webster Fabio
1. My Own Thing
2. Echo Of Rain
3. Crossfire
4. I Would Be For You Rain
Cheikh Tidiane Fall: African Spiritual Soldier
Cheikh Tidiane Fall: African Ancestrial Piece
Sarah Webster Fabio: Turn From Love
Sun Ra: Antique Blacks
Soloman Iria: Prayer
David S Ware: Theme From The Stargazers
Karmu Daahoud: Deep River In Her Voice
Kahn Jamal: Drum Dance To The Motherloade
Mor Thaim: Return Of The Fisher King
Pyramids: Anomawa
Pyramids: Birth Speed And Merging
Pyramids: Lalibela Suite
Pyramids: Speed
Pyramids: King Of Kings
Pyramids: Indigo
Pyramids: Ya Ke Ya Ke
Pyramids: Land Of The Eternal Nile
Herbie Hancock / Don Cherry / Mtume Kawaida
Pyramids: Queen Of Spirits
Brother Ah Sweet Illumination
Jj Clayton: Fragments
Jef Gilson: Malagasy
Sam Rivers: Topaz
Edward Vesala: Call Of The Sea
Oracy: The Weight Don

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