10.04.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Legendary 2-stepper DJ Sticky in the mix for Just Jam

DJ and producer Sticky is a key figure in the nebulous 2-step/garage/grime scene with production credits ranging from the super sweet and impossibly hype ends of the spectrum. Sticky swept through last week’s Just Jam on top form with a mix of the finest cuts perfectly suited to curator Merk Chicken’s strict UK Garage MO.

Sticky has recently signed with Big Dada and has new material in the works but this forty-minute mix is a celebration of his impeccable back catalogue. Expect shuffling drums, crushing basslines, dramatic synth riffs and a few welcome surprises along the way. South London’s Drapez does his bit as master of ceremony well but the night really belongs to the DJ. As Drapez himself says: “It’s Sticky!”

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