13.01.2012, Words by Charlie Jones

Peverelist's Sonic Router mix

Any time I’ve seen Bristol producer and Punch Drunk label boss Peverelist DJ has been pretty special. His sets are white-label-heavy, exhilarating, dark and edgy mixes with plenty of heavy kinetic energy flowing through their veins. This new mix from him for Sonic Router is an amazingly good example of what he is capable of. His way of building up a set filled with darkly skittering rhythms and bass pressure, exemplary. As Appleblim commented in our interview with him and Pearson Sound last year when asked about Peverelist, “he’s just got the groove. And then he can do whatever he wants.” There’s also a lot of unreleased goodness on here from the likes of Kowton and Alex Coulton, which makes this pretty essential listening. Hear the mix below.

Szare – Triplicate [Horizontal Ground]
Asusu – Too Much Time Has Passed [Livity Sound]
Levon Vincent – Revs/cost [Novel Sound]
Bass Clef – Electricity Comes From Other Planets
Funkineven – Beat Crash [Apron]
Kowton – Jam001
Alex Coulton – Bounce
Kowton & Pev – Raw Code
Kowton – End Point
Pev – Salt Water
Asusu – Sister [Livity Sound]
Pev – Erosion(s)
Pev – Livity
Zhou – Noboru [Punch Drunk]

Peverelist plays at Pinch’s ‘FABRICLIVE 61’ at fabric on Friday 13th January

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