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04.10.2013, Words by Ruth Saxelby

Premiere: Blackest Ever Black's showcase mix

Ever wondered what it sounds like inside cult London label Blackest Ever Black's brain? This 90 minute mix should enlighten you. It cruises from the spooked out steps of Felix K through the hellmouth operatics of Purient, before taking several screeching left turns into the deep, reverb-heavy glow of Tropic of Cancer, the precise techno of Helena Hauff and the sublimely skippy drum'n'bass of Source Direct. In other words, it's a trip and a half. And the best bit is, you can enjoy this mix IRL at the Blackest Ever Black showcase on Saturday 12th October where all the aforementioned artists and more will perform. Tune in and cop out on the player on the left, and scope the tracklist below.


1. Felix K – Flowers Of Destruction #3 (Hidden Hawaii, 2013)
2. Prurient – A Meal Can Be Made (Hydra Head, 2011)
3. Regis – Blinding Horses (Version) (Blackest Ever Black, 2013)
4. Horsepower Productions – Poison Wine (Tempa, 2011)
5. A.D. Jacques – Untitled Live Excerpt (Not On Label, 2012)
6. Tropic of Cancer – Hardest Day (Blackest Ever Black, 2013)
7. Moin (Raime) – Stacie (Blackest Ever Black, 2013)
8. Shampoo Boy – Fall (Blackest Ever Black, 2013)
9. Concrete Fence (Haswell & O'Connor) – Industrial Disease (Pan, 2013)
10. Helena Hauff – Break Force (Werk Discs, 2013)
11. Prurient – I Have A Message For You (Hospital Productions, 2007)
12. Dva Damas – Babes In Boyland (Downwards America, 2013)
13. Source Direct – The Cult (Metalheadz, 1995)
14. Felix K – Flowers Of Destruction #6 (Hidden Hawaii, 2013)
15. Damien Dubrovnik – Pacha Counterfeit (Alter, 2013)
16. Rhythmic Theory – Legacy Of The Lost (Idle Hands, 2013)
17. Dalhous – Dwelling By The Meadow (Blackest Ever Black, 2013)
18. Anom Vitruv – Untitled (Going Good, 2013)
19. Kareem – Porto Ronco (Excerpt) (The Death Of Rave, 2013)

Tropic Of Cancer, Prurient, Source Direct, Felix K, Helena Hauff and more will play at the Blackest Ever Black showcase at Corsica Studios in London on Saturday 12th October (tickets). 

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