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Premiere: Frikstailers - ZZK Mixtape Vol. 14

Frikstailers (FYI, pronounced “freak-stylers”) are a duo currently based in Mexico City, but were formed in the vibrant clubs of Buenos Aires. The whip-crack rhythms of their track Guacha recently headed up a ‘Future Sounds of Buenos Aires’ compilation, and in December they brought their South American flavours (and those awesome wigs) to the Boiler Room.

The mixtape – the second put out for their label, ZZK Records – is a heady rush of pure, sun-drenched vibes. Reflecting Buenos Aires’ cumbia scene but pushing the envelope further, traditional rhythms are fused with a smorgasbord of far-reaching textures: fizzling acid synths blend with brash hip-hop bravado, while bashment collides with spacey electro. The mixtape also serves as a preview to their ‘En Son de Paz’ album, due for release next month. Scroll down to read a quick Q&A with the duo, and listen exclusively to the mix here.

Hey Frikstailers, what’s the club scene like in Mexico City right now? Is the vibe very different to the one out in Buenos Aires?

The club scene in Mexico is very different to the one out in Buenos Aires. We feel it’s a bit less diverse, but it’s been growing a lot in the last years. The biggest scene right now is focused on house music, new disco and a bit of acid. Then you have some great parties, DJs and producers involved more in the bass movement, some of them doing interesting things with “tribal” (part of their native music). There’s still a lot of work to do in Mexico, it’s a place with a huge potential. Let’s see how it evolves in the next years!

What can listeners expect from the ‘En Son de Paz’ album?

We guess you can expect quite a new experience. It will probably take you to familiar places, but from a totally different perspective. In this album we’ve incorporated some new influences. For example, in a couple of tracks we took inspiration from the carnaval time in Argentina, in this particular time of the year (about February), you can listen to “Murgas” playing drums in every corner of the country.
We think the best thing of this album is that it sounds like nothing else going on right now. Tropical, intelligent and sticky at the same time.

ZZK Records will release ‘En Son De Paz’ on the 25th February

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