01.03.2013, Words by dummymag

Premiere: Ofei - The Africa Mixtape

We’re not exactly brimming with details on artist and producer Ofei at the minute, and we get the feeling he quite likes it that way. Aside from sharing bright, soul-drenched cuts like London and Fate, he’s started sharing some themed mixes, providing Line Of Best Fit with a lo-fi dance collection a few weeks back. For us, he’s turned his attentions to some classic funky Afrobeat vibes – drawing heavily on Ghanian Highlife legend Ebo Taylor. There’s also a couple of cuts that featured on Soundway’s excellent compilation ‘The Sound of the Underground Lagos Dancefloor 1974-79’ – including the ridiculously groovy Take Your Soul from The Sahara All-Stars. An excellent way to boogie into the weekend.

Track list:

Twer Nyame (Excerpt) – Ebo Taylor
Peace on Earth – Ebo Taylor
What is life – Ebo Taylor
Ohye Atar Gyan – Ebo Taylor
Love Affair – S-job Movement
Mumude – Ebo Taylor
Mizin – Ebo Taylor
Ohiani Sua Efir – Ebo Taylor
Victory – Ebo Taylor
Take Your Soul – The Sahara All Stars Of Jos
Nkosisikelela Africa – Black Diamonds
Sakatumbe – African Brothers
Mota Ginya – Voices Of Darkness
Heaven – Ebo Taylor

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