27.03.2012, Words by Anthony Walker

Raider Klan Phuck Zimmerman Mixx

Text: Anthony Walker

Spaceghost Purrp has been very vocal about the tragic case of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black Miami teenager shot last month, and the outspoken young rapper has named his latest Youtube mix in dishonour of Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman. A Carol City, Miami native, SGP’s latest Blackland Radio installment is all characteristically lingering basslines and plonking pianos engulfed in a reverby swamp. There is nothing explicitly political here but there is a humidity to the sound that reflects the difficult climate and deep feelings of anger and dissatisfaction.

The man himself doesn’t feature on the vocals but there is plenty on offer from fellow Raider Klan members Vince Staples, Denzel Curry, Ethelwulf, Amber London and Key Nyata. Stream the ‘Phuck Zimmerman Mixx’ below:

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