27.03.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 02 // Riton

Henry Riton Smithson is a man who expertly wears many hats. His Homies & Homo’s album from 2004 was odd but brilliant electro pop, he followed this with an album of kraut rock, last year’s Eine Klein Nacht Musik, as well as busying himself making club bombs and DJing at Radio Soulwax gigs. He’s got a new as yet untitled Riton E.P out in May and leading up to its release he is residing at Plastic People in London every Thursday from April 16th spinning tunes with a little help from his friends (big names unveiled on the night). Also mooted for the summer is an album he recorded with Soulwax under the name Die Verboden, “It’s a live cosmic jam recorded in Ibiza next to a pool.” As we said, many hats. Henry recorded this exclusive home listening mix at his Camden dwelling. It features Feuerprobe from his Eine Kleine Nacht Musik album as well as tracks by Flying Lotus , Photonz and Metronomy

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