23.04.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 03 // Serge Santiago

Serge Santiago knows his onions when it comes to Italo Disco. Last year he even made a track – Atto D’Amore – on his Arcobaleno label heavily influenced by the sound of the seventies (and early 80s). We asked him to make us a mini-mix and he’s turned out a 50 minute voyage through eight typically long tracks for you to download and dance to.

How did you get into Italo disco?

I didn’t, it got into me. It’s like that, gets under your skin and kicks the shit out of you from the inside. I’m black and blue. 

What is it about the sound that attracted you?

Its originality; Italo being the first to use synths in this way makes it more interesting to me, as I know it hasn’t been sampled or re-hashed. It’s the way it is.

Or were you more interested in the producers’ ostentatious moustaches?
If I could grow a ‘tache like that I probably wouldn’t because they look fucking silly really.

Your Atto D’Amore track was massive last year. What influenced that?

The simple fact that I wanted to make a 15 minute long journey of a record for my uncontrollable bladder problem when I DJ.  

What else do you have planned for your Arcobaleno label?

More and more edits, parties, a clothing brand, my own perfume and to re-name Homerton Arcobaleno land.

Who else is making Italo Disco these-days that you would recommend we look out for?

Black Devil Disco Club are the only guys that do modern Italo well.

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