21.07.2009, Words by Charlie Jones

Dummy Mix 09 // Shit Robot

You’ve had tracks out called ‘Wrong Galaxy’ and ‘Lonely Planet’. Are you a sci fi nut or trying to outdo Underground Resistance for intergalactic references?

Ha ha, no I would never try to outdo Underground Resistance, I’m afraid of Mad Mike. I can just imagine the Shit Robot getting lost in space and showing up in the wrong galaxy, he’s an idiot.

Do you ever regret calling yourself Shit Robot and has it ever caused you any problems in less liberal countries?

Hmm, a little bit sometimes. My wife’s parents are not too keen on it. It can be a little embarrassing  when I have to check into a hotel and it’s not under my real name. It causes a few problems when I’m on the radio, or certain things on the internet don’t like the word “shit”, but generally I like it. It came from a time when there wasn’t a million acts with Robot or Shit in the title. In the end, with the music I make, I’m not going to be headlining any huge festival or in the gossip mags, you know? So I don’t think it’s really going to hold me back, plus I think it’s a lot better than DJ Marcus Lambkin.

How hands on is James Murphy as a label boss and A&R?

With me, and people like Juan (Maclean), who are his friends, he’s pretty hands on. Shit Robot started out as a party with myself and James, so I’ve always felt he was a part of the project anyway. But he’s one of my best friends and he’s been through it all already, so he’d be helping me out even if I wasn’t signed to his label.

You were living in NYC at a good time and were at the centre of it all with your Plant Bar in 2002. Have you been back recently? What’s it like now?

Yeah, I go back a lot, usually a couple of times a year. It’s changed a lot since I left, the East Village, Lower East Side is not the same. Everybody has moved to Williamsburg. Brooklyn is great though, I love it. I really like that there is a lot of parties playing disco these days, that’s awesome.

What’s your favourite place to DJ at the moment?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I love Erste Liga in Munich. Anywhere in Glasgow. I also love going back home and playing in Ireland, it’s great there. I play a lot in Paris too, I’m developing a real love affair with Paris. Which is kind of weird, being an old stubborn Irishman, I used to hate it there.

Can we expect a Shit Robot album?

Yes you can, just don’t ask when. I should be finished real soon, I’m really happy with it, it sounds great, thanks to all my great friends who helped out.


Shit Robot Simple Things (Work It Out) (Todd Terje Remix) [DFA]
Chicken Lips Feast Of Freaks (Kotey’s Tape Edit) [Lipservice]
Suburban Knight The Groove [Transmat]
Black Meteoric Star Death Tunnel [DFA]
X-Ray Let’s Go [Transmat]
Crazy P Love On The Line (Unabombers Remix) [20:20 Vision]
Bangkok Impact Premature Ejaculation [Crème Organization]
Joris Voorn Sweep The Floor [Rejected]
Cobblestone Jazz Traffic Jam [Wagon Repair]
Crazy P Stop Space Return (Unabombers Dub) [20:20 Vision]
Shit Robot Simple Things (Work It Out) (Main Mix) [DFA]

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